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Pokemon/1st generation pokemons in new games



I want to get a pokemon game on the DS (or Emerald) but it seems most of these don't have the 1st generation pokemons (or you get them after beating the Elite Four)

I haven't watched the Pokemon series in years now and don't really know any of these new pokemons and I don't have the time to get up to date.

Could you please recommend a new Pokemon RPG where I can get the 1st generation Pokemons early in the game?   

Thank You!

Hi there!

Well, there are a couple of games that I can think of where Kanto Pokemon are available early on. Black 2 or White 2 are the latest games for the DS, and they have several Kanto Pokemon early on, including Rattata and Grimer, but they're mixed in with ones from other regions.

However, if you're looking for something with tons of Kanto, and not so much of the other regions, then Heart Gold or Soul Silver would be better. The games are set in Johto, yeah, but you get to Kanto after the Elite Four. Before that, there's plenty of Kanto Pokemon around. You can catch Pidgey, Rattata, Spearow, Geodude, Zubat, Bellsprout and depending on the version, you can also get Caterpie, and Metapod (HG), or Weedle and Kakuna, (SS). All these are before the first Gym.
The Johto(Gen 2) Pokemon are actually more scattered and occasionally harder to find. There's a small selection of Hoenn(Gen 3) and Sinnoh(Gen 4) Pokemon that only become available after the Elite Four. And for the most part, you actually need to go looking for them. They have their own methods of finding them, so they don't really get mixed in with the more familiar ones.
Plus, the first Pokemon in your team will follow you around everywhere. The Running Shoes can be set on automatic, so you don't need to hold any buttons down everywhere you go. And the Itemfinder doesn't have to be used over and over, as it appears on the bottom screen like a radar, making it much easier to find those hidden items.

However, if you're a Pikachu fan, I should warn you that the little yellow guy isn't available until almost the end. It's only found in the Route 2 area of Kanto, which isn't reached until after the Elite Four and a fetch quest to get past a Snorlax.

If you want a Pikachu early on, or you just don't mind the game being a little out of date, then you could get Fire Red or Leaf Green. (If you don't already have it.) They're set in Kanto, with no other regions, and the Pokemon from other regions are a small selection after the Elite Four. They're remakes of the original Pokemon games, but the graphics are much better and smoother, items are easier to use and can be attached to Pokemon, and they only change a couple of small details to make certain areas less of a hassle to get through. However, you'll need to have a GBA, GBASP, or DS/DSLite with a GBA slot on the bottom to play it.

So my recommendations would be Fire Red or Leaf Green if you want to avoid Pokemon from other regions entirely. Or Heart Gold or Soul Silver if you want the most up-to-date sprites and gameplay.

I hope that helps with your decision!


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