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hey wolf, i was wondering if my pokemon team i got so far is capable of getting past the 3rd and 4th gym, i'm playing pokemon sapphire.

Shedinja LV.20

Grovyle Lv.20

Makuhita LV,21

Ralts Lv.19

is there any thing i can do to make my team better?. also i  don't really have the time to catch other pokemon right now thanks.

Hey Josh.

Okay, for Mauville Gym, I'd strongly recommend raising them up to at least Level 25, as Wattson (the Gym Leader) has three Pokemon, with the strongest being a Magneton at Level 23. Having at least a couple of extra levels over it would be a big help. Makuhita will be the best choice for battling it with, due to Magneton being part Steel-type.

As for the fourth Gym, Lavaridge Town, you might have some problems there. Shedinja and Grovyle are both massively weak to fire-type moves, and Lavaridge is a fire-type Gym.
I'd strongly recommend catching either a Numel on Route 112, in the Fiery Path, or on the Jagged Pass. (all can be caught after Mauville, but before reaching Lavaridge) or a Sandshrew on Route 113. Both can learn Ground-types moves, which will be a big help against the Gym Leader, Flannery. I'd recommend the Sandshrew though, as they tend to be much faster than Numel, especially when evolved. Speed can be everything in a Gym Battle.
You should probably aim for everyone to be at least Level 30 or so before challenging her, as her Level 28 Torkoal can be a murdering beast if you don't hit it hard and fast...

I hope that helps!


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