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Pokemon/A : Team To Combat The E4 (Sapphire)


Hey, i was wondering is my team any good to go to the elite four?

Sceptile Lv.45
Giga drain
Leaf blade
Bullet seed

Hariyama Lv.42
Fake out
Vital throw

Gardevoir Lv.41
shadow ball
shock wave

Flygon Lv.45
fire blast
steel wing

Camerupt Lv.42

Kyogre Lv.45
body slam
ice beam
hydro pump

thanks for any advice you have. I'm playing pokemon sapphire

Hi Dylan,

First of all, the levels of your Pokémon should be a bit higher. They should be between L.45-L.50.

Second, I can see a couple of Pokémon having three moves of the same type (e.g. Sceptile). That's at least one to many. Make sure your movesets are more varied.

Third, I see "Earthquake" two times. One time it covers one of the Pokémon's type weaknesses (i.e. Sceptile against fire types), but what's it doing in Camerupt's moveset?

Fourth, what is "Thunder" doing in Kyogre's moveset? It doesn't cover any type weaknesses and you already have three Electric moves on Gardevoir.

Fifth, a couple of moves are not accurate enough to use in battle (e.g. Hydro Pump) or are not strong enough to use in battle (e.g. Bullet Seed).

Sixth, you don't have any healing moves (except "Giga Drain"), any stat modifying moves (e.g. Double Team, Sword Dance,...) or even any status inducing moves (e.g. Thunder Wave), except as a random side effect (e.g. Thunderbolt).

Seventh, there's no strategy involved in your movesets. All your Pokémon's movesets don't match each other and they only consist of pure attacking moves with no gameplan behind the whole team. Yes, there is the exception of Hariyama, but even then I wonder what the tactic is behind the moveset or how it completes your other movesets.

I don't want to sound harsh: that's not my intention and I apologize if that has happened in the former lines. But your movesets look a bit like what we call here "bric ŕ brac": composed in a couple of minutes, if composed at all, and not thought about it. I advise you to take a look at a couple of sites like or and learn more there. I doubt you'll make it through the E4 with your current team, with the exception of having stocked a lot of healing and reviving items to help you get through.

Good luck!
Have fun!



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