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Pokemon/berry glitch won't work


hi i have a pokemon sapphire game i was trying to fix the berry glitch on. i used two leaf green games and a firered one. for some reason everything is fine until my sapphire game says it is trying to install patch, then it say "unable to update berry program please turn off your game and unplug your cable". i tried it several times with the 1st player part in the leafgreen/firered.. i an confused is there some reason this isn't working? also i have not used emerald will it work?

Hi there!

Hmmm... As long as you followed all the steps, I'm not quite sure what could cause the fix to fail.

- Load FireRed, LeafGreen, or Emerald until the title screen is displayed.
- Press the Select and B buttons. After the new screen loads, press A.
- Insert the Link Cable so that the system that the FireRed, LeafGreen or Emerald game is connected to the Player 1 cable port and the Ruby or Sapphire game is connected to the Player 2 port. Once this is done, press A.
- Turn on the device with Ruby or Sapphire while holding the Start and Select buttons.
- Refer to the FireRed, LeafGreen or Emerald game display for further instructions. The patch should be transferred at this time.

If you have a copy of Pokemon Colosseum, XD:Gale of Darkness, Pokemon Channel or Pokemon Box, and the cable to connect the Gamecube/Wii to the GBA, then all you have to do is connect to trade or battle. Once you've saved, it'll automatically fix it along the way.

If that doesn't work, then the glitch might not be the problem.

If you get this message just after the title screen: "The internal battery has run dry. The game can be played. However, clock-based events will no longer occur." then the glitch isn't the actual problem. A dead CR1616 internal battery is.

The only fix for that is replacing the battery. Thankfully, it won't wiped your save file. (I fixed my Emerald's battery last year, and I still have all of my Hall of Fame entries.)

If you need instructions for fixing it, feel free to post a follow-up. I can give you a list of the stuff you'll need, and also the stuff that can fill in if necessary.

I don't know if that helped, but I hope it did!


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