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Pokemon/A : PokéBlocks To Raise Beauty (Sapphire)


hey lg you just awnsered my question about feebas thanks by the way, i wonering. do you know what berry it is that gives the most beauty?

Hi John,

I was wrong in my previous mail in the fact that certain berries needed to be given in order to raise beauty. You need certain berries, sure, but you need to blend them into pokéblocks in order to raise beauty. So pokéblocks are what you need.

Here's a general explanation about pokéblocks: ("PokéBlocks")

Now, in order to raise the beauty condition of your Feebas, you need to give it blue or indigo pokéblocks. To make those you need to blend berries in the blender that are dry (e.g. chesto berry). A full list of the berries and their tastes can be found here:

To make it a tad harder: Pokémon also have preferences about the tastes they like and dislike. This depends on their nature. Their favourite or hated tastes determine the intensity of the effect the pokéblock has on the intended condition. You can find these preferences here:

Good luck!
Have fun!



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