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Pokemon/A : Saving Problems (Emerald)


Hi LG! Twice now have I beaten Pokemon Emerald on GBA. Both times, after the credits roll and i go to start a new game, I get this message first, "the save file has been erased due to corruption or damage." Then this message, "the game can be played." All I see on the menu is new game and options. Please help me! I have gone through this twice now and really hope I, er well, you, can fix this. I have used no cheating devices/codes/etc so I'm clueless as to why this is happening. I bought this on ebay from a fairly reputable vendor. When I first started the game after I had gotten it, they had cleared all old data and made a blank save. So, I made a new game for myself but never opened the old save. This has happened twice now, and it's really bugging me. I'm playing on a DS Lite, no problems with the console itself whatsoever. Please help!!!

Hi Skyler,

I had this problem five years ago:

The questionner even mailed me the results of the test:

"Hello LG, I'm sorry it's been a while (slow at these games) but I have completed Pokemon Emerald again as you asked here are my findings:

The game did exactly as before unfortunatly, THE SAVE FILE HAS BEEN DELETED DUE TO CORRUPTION OF DATA. THE GAME CAN BE PLAYED. I did notice, however, that my pokemon had Pokerus for weeks and weeks which shouldn't happen, am I right?

Shall I just buy a new (trusted) copy then?

- Rachel x

Answer:   Hi Rachel,

Thanx for the information. :) It is indeed not normal that the Pokérus virus infects your Pokémon for weeks and weeks : in normal circumstances, it only infects them for three days.

Taken together with the results of the test, it only confirmed my initial thoughts : the game's software is altered before you bought it. It even might be a fake copy (and there are many out there, believe me). I advise you to buy a brand new copy. I hope you can find one, because here (Belgium) they cannot be bought anymore.

Good luck and have fun! :)


Before analyzing your problem any further I still have some questions:

1) What do you mean with a blank save? There was a file saved on the Emerald when you bought it?
2) Have you ever tried to migrate Pokémon from your Emerald to a fourth generation game (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, SoulSilver, HeartGold)?

Hope to hear you back soon! :)


PS: It can take a couple of days before I answer your reply because I'm having a big test coming Tuesday.


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