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Pokemon/A : Party For 8th Gym & E4 (Platinum)


I have currently being playing through pokemon platinum and have come to the part where I only need the 8th badge to challenge the elite 4. However I think my team hasnt been leveled up enoungh because I constantly have to switch.  Currently I have 4 main pokemon: infernape-lvl 50 , gengar-lvl 46 , luxray -lvl 47 , gliscor -lvl 47 .

Infernape's moveset is -close combat-brick break-flamethrower-earthquake
Gengar's is -shadow ball-sludge bomb-shadow claw-dark pulse
Luxray's is -thunderbolt-thunder-spark-crunch-
Gliscor's is -x-scissor-u-turn-aerial ace-steel wing

Any suggestions on changes and/or additions to moveset or team?

Hi David,

You're probably switching because you're not applying the correct strategy. Volkner's Pokémon are all electric types and you have the Pokémon to deal with those: Gliscor. The only problem is Gliscor doesn't know a strong ground move like Earthquake. If he knew that, you'd defeat Volkner in no time. The only thing you need to be cautious about is Luxray's Ice Fang: that one is 4x effective against your Gliscor. Defeat Luxrai with one of your other Pokémon.

When it comes to the E4, their Pokémon are maximum L.62. That's high, but you still need to go through Victory Road, so your Pokémon will become higher-leveled themselves. If they are not high-leveled enough in your opinion, then you could (1) stack enough healing items so you survive the journey or (2) train them. That's something up to you.

Good luck!
Have fun!



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