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How to get to Lavender City from vermilion city in pokemon Global Revolution?Game version is 0.9.0

Well, after some research, it seems to be pretty much the same as in Fire Red and Leaf Green. (or Red and Blue...)

But just in case you never played those:

Prior to Rock Tunnel you can enter the cave to the west of Vermillion City. Walk through the cave you will return to Route 2 After exiting the cave, you just go down south and use HM01- "Cut" to cut the tree you will see a gatehouse. At a talk to the professor standing in there to get HM05-Flash. After getting "Flash" you can briefly stop in Pewter to collect the Old Amber. After that, return the way you came, and continue back to Cerulean City. (picking up the bike using the bike voucher from Vermillion City on the way through) Then, go to the east of the city next to Route 9. Use Cut to get through the tree.

Along the way you will have to fight a few trainers until you see the Pokemon Center. In the Pokemon Center has a guy that gives you an Everstone if you have 20 Pokemon. Now you go into the next cave, Rock Tunnel. After entering the cave, you'll have to use "Flash" to illuminate the cave and then follow the instructions below:
_ Go down, right, down, right, goes up. You will come to a ladder, go down the stairs.
_ Once down: Go down, left, up, right, up, right, goes up. You will come to a ladder, go up the stairs.
_ After that: Go down, right, goes up. You will come to a ladder, go down the stairs.
_ Once down: Head left, down, left, up, left, goes up. You will come to a ladder, go up the stairs.
_ After that: Go down, left, goes down. You will soon return to Route 10.
From Route 10 you just go down south to get to Lavender Town.

However, if it's nothing like this, then I'm afraid I can't really help, as I've never heard of Pokemon Global Revolution before... (I usually stick to the official games...)


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