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I don't know if you can answer this, but:

I have recently acquired a large set of Pokemon game cards. It is so large, in fact, that the task of appraising them personally is not just daunting, but downright scary, especially because some of them are apparently the original Japanese cards.

Would you please provide me with at least the first steps on finding a reliable appraiser, or even just someone who could direct me to a reliable appraiser?

Thank you very much (from a fellow AllExperts expert)!

-- Spyder

Hi fellow expert,

I normally appraise the cards questionners ask me about. However, I can't do that considering it's such a large set of cards. What I can do is to give the method I use. First I want to know what card it is (i.e. to which series it belongs and what number it has). To know the latter I use a combination of the sites of Serebii and Psypokes. Then I google this information together with the word 'price'. You'll get a lot of results, but you'll see a certain trend appearing after visiting the first ten/twenty search results.

Good luck
Have fun! :)



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