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Pokemon/A : Glitched ROM Save File (Emerald)


hi so - i was using gameshark codes to get a pokemon not in the game ( i know i shouldn't have ) and the game starting glitching very badly. i couldn't open the pc box, the animations were glitching, and the game would all the sudden freeze and change colors. i ended up deleting the files, but when i start to create a new save file, it says "game file has been corrupted. will load previous files" or something like that. when i start it it says that i have 0:50 hours of playtime, and it starts in a poke-center that has no characters or anything in it. i cant get out of it or start a new game file. i am playing pokemon emerald from a vba on a mac. ive tried redownloading the rom and deleting the old ones, but the save file still shows up. its kinda scary haha - but anyway is there a way to prevent the file from glitching in the first place from the codes, and how do i restart at all? thanks sorry for the long question :)
( i attached a screenshot from the old save file where it froze and changed color )

Hi Maddie,

Thanks for the screenshot. If you already have deleted the save file and the ROM and this didn't work, then it might be better to delete everything (i.e. VBA, ROM and save file - the whole folder if they are in the same folder). Then you start whole over again: new VBA, new ROM and new game file.

I can't help you with the gameshark codes. It's ok to use them, but there's a lot of fake and glitching codes on the web. The only advise I can give is to be careful and only use codes from sites you trust.

Good luck!
Have fun!



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