I had catch 10 pokemon but i can not go to prof aide

I'm going to assume you're playing Pokemon Red, Blue or Yellow...

To reach Professor Oak's aide, you must first have collected the HM for Cut on the SS Anne in Vermillion Gym. Also, you have to have collected the Cascade Badge, so you can use Cut outside of battle.

After teaching to a Pokemon, go to Diglett's Cave and go through it to the end.
From there, go south until you reach a small house and a small tree.
Use Cut on that tree, and head south to a larger building.
The aide is inside. He'll give you the HM for Flash, which is required for Rock Tunnel.

However, if you so desire, you can actually get through  Rock Tunnel without Flash, as the walls glow slightly around the edges. The trainers don't glow, of course, but running into them in the dark just means you're on the right path.

Hope that helps!
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