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Do I have to turn all on or 1 off the rest on b.s. pls hekp

Hey there.

Uh, not sure if you're talking about the statues at the beginning which force you to battle the same to grunts when you walk in front of them, the floor traps on the first floor, the two passwords you need to get into Giovanni's office, or the Electrodes at the end...

Okay, after stepping down the stairs and passing the first statue, you have to walk left until you see the second statue.

However, instead of walking past it, you go through the narrow opening to the south. After that, there'll be another narrow opening, which leads to a thin corridor. Follow that around until you reach a Scientist guarding a desk. After battling him, examine the desk to find a switch to disable the statues forever, so you can come and go freely.

Floor traps:
Here's a map:
But they can be avoided by going around the long way.

Giovanni's passwords:
Battle everyone, of course, as they disappear when the area is completed, and they're at least good for experience. However, the ones with the passwords are both on the third floor, and are both grunts standing near a scientist.

You have to defeat/catch all three Electrodes on your side to finish the area. Lance will take care of the three on the other side at the same time, so don't worry about them.

'kay, I hope that helped. If I've misunderstood the question completely, please let me know, and I'll try to sort it out for you.


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