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Dear Mr. Tullo,

Iíve been playing online poker for a year now (low-stakes), and have had a few big cashes ($1500. +) and a lot of small cashes.  Iíve never used a poker odds calculator or any type of HUD and Iím wondering if it would be a good idea to do so if I start playing higher stakes games.  Are they widely used in online poker rooms?  

Finally, do you use them?  I appreciate your time and look forward to your answer.  Thank you.


Without a doubt. In lower limit games, you can play ABC poker and do very well, and I would suggest continuing to do so if you're doing very well. There's no reason to deviate to what's already working, right?

If you ARE going to go to higher limits, you're going to want every advantage you can possibly have, and HUDs are a must. Don't use any that claim that they are free, they will provide you with the least amount of information. If you really want to make poker your living, put in the investment and buy one. And yes, they are used by all pro level players, and if you want to compete with players of higher skill, you'll want one too.

I personally do not use them because I stick with low-limit games, because they work for me.


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