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What are some legitimate online poker websites that you can recommend? Thank you.

Miss Susie,

If you're thinking about playing "real money" poker on-line then you want to stick to sites that have been approved for operation within the U.S. (I'm assuming that you are a U.S. player).  Right now that is a very limited list as there is no Federal legislation -- it's being approved state by state.  The only state that is dealing real money poker at this time is Nevada and that company is Ultimate Poker.  (Not to be confused with the similarly sounding Ultimate Bet that was embroiled in the cheating scandal a few years ago.)  Ultimate Poker is run by the group that brings us the Ultimate Fighting Championship and is teamed with Station Casinos in Nevada for their gaming license.  Their website is

Perhaps the next online poker site to gain Nevada's approval will be Caesars Palace who owns the World Series of Poker brand.  Their site,, currently offers play money poker to get players familiar with their software and comfortable playing on-line.  They will probably first gain Nevada approval while waiting on Congress to pass the Internet Poker Freedom Act of 2013.

Other online poker sites, like Poker Stars (which now owns Full Tilt Poker) is awaiting approval at the state and federal levels.  Right now, only New Jersey and Delaware have followed Nevada's lead in approving on-line poker in their states.  In order to get a gaming license, many states require that you own and operate a traditional brick and mortar casino.  Poker Stars had been attempting to buy the ailing Atlantic Club Casino in Atlantic City, NJ, but those efforts have stopped.  While NJ and DE have legalized on-line poker, neither has approved any on-line poker company to begin operating in their state.

So, unless you live in Nevada and can sign up to play on Ultimate Poker, it looks like you'll have to wait until either your individual state approves one of the major online sites, or until the Internet Poker Freedom Act of 2013 is passed to make on-line poker a legal and regulated industry in the U.S.  Contact your representatives and tell them to vote "yes" on this legislation.


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I've been playing poker for over 40 years and have played professionally for the last 9 years.

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