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So should a person never play fixed limit then do you think?  The spread between winning hands verse losing hands become so wide when it't not heads up I don't know if anyone can win?


Limit poker has been around much longer than no-limit.  In fact, not only did most players learn poker in the limit form, but the top players in the world still play limit poker in Bobby's room at the Bellagio daily and limit events have been featured during the World Series of Poker since its inception in 1970's.

I'm not sure what you mean when you say that "the spread between winning and losing hands is so wide when it's not heads-up".  Regardless of the betting (limit, spread limit, pot limit, or no-limit) the player's hole cards and the 5-card flop are unchanged.  The cards don't care when the betting format is.  The hand strength between the winning hand and any losing hands doesn't change due to the betting format.  What you may be experiencing is a change in your opponent's approach to limit vs. no-limit.  They play tighter.

In no-limit you cannot easily bet your opponent off their hand, since the extra bet is only a small percentage of the pot.  This means that experienced players have tighter opening ranges than inexperienced players -- especially players who have only played no-limit and who are just now trying to play limit.  The blind-to-stack ratios are never high enough in limit to play rag hands that one might chase in no-limit.  You can't win a 200 big blind pot in limit -- there just aren't that many bets.  This means that hands like small suited connectors drop in value.  Experienced limit players are patient.  They only enter pots with the top 8%-10% of hands.

Perhaps this is what you're experiencing.  Since most players cut their teeth on limit poker, you may have started with no-limit and are only now giving limit a try.  You have to play a tighter, more disciplined form of poker if you hope to turn a profit.

Like most players, I started with limit poker, then spread limit, and finally no-limit.  Many players prefer one form or the other.  Limit poker doesn't put your entire stack at risk on one bad hand, while no-limit allows you to be more creative and run more bluffs by putting your opponent to a decision for all of their chips.  Pick the form of poker that works best for you.  Read a few books on that form.  Try a few different styles of play at the tables to see which work best for you.  

Good luck at the tables.



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I've been playing poker for over 39 years and have played professionally for the last 8 years.

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