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What I mean by spread is every hand seem to win heads up fixed limit almost making post flop way easier to figure out verse a random person.  When it's not heads up though and I try to figure post flop out a guy could play AK AQ JJ AJs KQ in some position verses a guy playing nearly every hand that's what I mean by the hand spread.   That makes post flop way harder and maybe even pre flop to figure out?


What you're describing in commonly called a player's range of hands, or "range" for short.  Players can be placed into 2 categories when selecting starting hands:  tight or loose.  

Tight players will have a smaller starting range -- maybe AA to 88, AK, AQ, and suited AJ, KQ, and QJ.  

Looser players may have a range of hands that include all those mentioned above, plus any pocket pair, and two Broadway cards, any suited connectors and one-gappers, and any suited ace.  

Observing your opponents and identifying them as tight or loose will help you put them on a range of hands.



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I've been playing poker for over 40 years and have played professionally for the last 9 years.

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