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I came up with more questions Vic. Thanks for the responses.  I can't figure out any way to make sense of 2nd pair in limit verse more than one player.  Should I just call down the same as I would verse one player as two or three or four players?


Second pair vs. 1 opponent is not the same as second pair vs. 2 or 3 opponents.  

Let's look at an example.  Assume you're heads-up and see a flop of K-9-4.  You hold A-9 and make second pair.  One opponent has 2 hole cards to catch one of the 3 other kings to make top pair.  With 47 unseen cards they have a 2-out-of-47 chance of making top pair.  That's 4.25%.  Now, let's increase that to 2 opponents with a combined 4 hole cards.  That doubles the probability that one of the 4 cards is a king.  Three opponents triple that to 12.75%, or better than 8-1 odds.  Still low, but I'd rather face the 24-1 odds against just a single opponent catching that king.  Keep in mind that this assumes you're heads-up on the flop.  If all 10 players see the flop, the you're facing a combined 9x2=18 possible hole cards!

Calling the flop bet is fine, especially since it's a small bet.  You give yourself 5 outs to improve your hand, barring any potential flush or straight draws that the flop might present.  Once you get to the turn bet, you have to use your position, reads, and history with your opponent to decide if continuing with the hand is +EV.



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I've been playing poker for over 39 years and have played professionally for the last 8 years.

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