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Are you playing hands that are ahead of the players range always or do the weak hands first in win enough to cover the losses and cost verse a person playing good hands?


No, you can't always play hands ahead of your opponents' ranges -- simply because their ranges always include A-A.  But it is possible to play a starting hand with less equity than your opponent and win enough to cover taking these shots.  

For example, you can play small suited connectors profitably if you play them correctly post-flop.  Hands like 5-4 suited can produce small flushes, wheels, small straights, 2-pair, and even trips.  I especially like these small suited hands, and even 1-gappers like 5-3 suited, against hands when your opponent holds an ace or an over-pair and can't fold.

You can use tools like Poker Stove to see your equity pre-flop with these prospecting type of hands against your opponents' ranges.  If you have 20% equity, that means that you'll win 20% of the time at the river.  If you miss the flop completely, you've invested little.  On those hands where you hit enough of the flop to continue, you can take down a pot large enough to overcome the expense of entering so many pots with these type of hands.  

After a while you'll feel comfortable opening these hands for a raise, or calling a raise, to deceive your opponent.  Played well, hands below your opponents' ranges can become profitable.

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I've been playing poker for over 40 years and have played professionally for the last 9 years.

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