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My father was in the polish army in the 1900's. my mother is having a hard time financially. Her friend in Canada also had a husband in the army and is receiving retirement or some kind of social security from Poland through the polish army. my question is what do i need to do or go to find out if my mom is entitled to some kind of retirement from Poland. thank you lskora

Dear Lillian

Thank you for your question. I have thought about the matter and think a direct approach to the authorities here unless you are fluent in Polish and employ some representation is unlikely to get anywhere.

Also be advised that Polish state benefits are very low. For example a current retiree gets between 650 and 1500 zloty per month or between 220 and 500 USD per month.

I did a google search on 'polish ex servicemens association' and I think that it would in the first instance be best to approach one of these with your situation. So google that phrase.

As a minimum you will need your Father's birth certificate and service papers, also if he adopted another nationality at some point he will almost certainly have disqualified himself from any pension.

One word of caution do not pay anything to anyone offering to sort this out for you, it will almost certainly be a scam. There are a number of shady operators in this field.

I wish you well in your quest

best regards

Steve Morgan  


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