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I came across some old Poland currency and would like to know if I can exchange it for USD.  I have been told it is out of circulation but may be able to sell to an antique collector.  Problem is I don't know where to begin to look for a collector or if it would be worth my time.
This is what I have:
2-2000 DWA Tysiace Zlotych 1979
1-1000 tysiac zlotych 1982
1-200 dwiescie zlotych 1988
1-50 piecdziesiat zlotych 1986

Thanks in advance for any help

Hi Stacey

sorry to say that the notes have no value now. There was a period of very high inflation at around and just after those notes were issued and several noughts were removed from the currency. I remember having a 10000 zloty note when I first visited in 1996 but it was worth at the time I think just 10 new value zlotys. If they are in very good condition you should keep them as a souvenir and maybe sometime in the future would be of interest to a collector.

Best regards

Steve Morgan  


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