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Good day and thank you so much in advance for reading this email.

I have been trying to apply for Polish citizenship since almost 2 years. I have signed a contract with a lawyer. I already paid her for her services after she did some research and found that it would be possible to apply for Polish citizenship. According to her, my application for a Polish birth certificate has been submitted. (She has sent me the documentation of my family's Polish background so I do not believe that she has conned me.) But I have not heard from her in 3 months and she ignores all of my emails, phone calls, and phone messages. I am becoming quite desperate and do not know what to do.

Would you be able to tell me if I have any options in this situation? Are there authorities I can contact that can investigate the situation?

Thank you again for your time.

Dear Marnie

sorry to hear of your problem. Your situation is familiar to me having not had good experiences with Polish lawyers except in one instance. I would like very much to help and my real estate business specialises in inheritance and tracing relatives so have some first hand experience of this type of work and we also have advised people regarding visas and citizenship.

At this stage for a preliminary investigation there is no charge and I will try and help.

In order to proceed I will need the full contact details of the lawyer and clear scanned copies of any documentation you have received and if possible some history of your Polish ancestory.Also some details of where you found the lawyer from might be useful.

My direct e-mail is

My direct telephone number is 0048 698 295 117

I am English by the way but do speak Polish and my business partner is a native Polish speaker so we should be able to sort something out for you fairly quickly.

Best regards

Steve Morgan


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