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I happened to search on the internet and noticed your response to my locating my great-grandparents question from 2011.  Either I never received it or forgot about it!  You asked about the spelling of my great-grandparents village -- it's Ozorkow.  Supposedly that is where one or both were born, and possibly died.  I'm still interested in locating their cemetery if buried there.  Others have also told me about the burial situation -- that they might not be there any longer, but I would still like to give it a try.  I'm also still searching for my grandmother's grave, Pauline Beschorner Wegner.  She lived in Wilhemshaven, Germany, possibly was buried there or in Oldenburg (sister lived there).  

Any help would be appreciated.  Please contact me at the about email address.

Kris Winiarski

Hi Kris

well I did respond I get nagged by the guys at All Experts if I do not, anyway no problems.

Ozorków is just to the North of Łodz

It is the only one that came up on a search in today's Poland

Cut and paste the above link for a map. You can zoom in and out, I looked and there are no cemeteries listed, probably I explained the situation with cemeteries here in my first reply. I have yet to find a single German headstone in other than a few very old Church graveyards even in the region where I live, Kujawia/Pomorski which was largely German as most were removed/destroyed after the first and second World wars when Poland was re-invented.

The Łodz area was heavily inhabited by a Jewish population due to its industrialisation and specialism in clothing manufacture from the mid 19 century onwards.Sadly most of Łodz and the surrounding areas were completely emptied by the nazi holocaust activites from 1939 onwards. Łodz was then largely re-populated with displaced ethnic Poles from what is now Belarus and the Ukraine during the Stalin era.

Now the Germans were pretty good at keeping records and a lot have survived so the main church in the town might be worth a try. The same with your grandparents german origins.

One site for Polish ancestory is Gen Dobre, google it and maybe they have something.

We do through my real estate business trace land and property for people in your situation but we do need an address to start from usualy. Check and see if you have any documentation from the family time in Poland as even some obscure reference numbers can give a lead.

I wish you well in your search and maybe you ought to take a trip to Poland and see what turns up.

Best regards

Steve Morgan


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