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I planned a trip to Poland last year.  Found out some answers to my questions, but have many more.  I found out a family secret which was never mentioned to my brothers or I.  Supposedly, my grandmother (on my father's side) worked for a well-to-do German family in Lodz as a housekeeper.  My grandmother and the husband had an affair, as a result my father was born.  Somewhere down the road, the family my grandmother worked for went to Germany.  After WWII was over and the husband's wife died, he brought my grandmother to Germany.  I'm not sure about my father, he would have been in his 20s, and possibly enlisted in the Polish Army.  In Germany my grandmother was married to a man with the last name of Wegner (1969 headstone read Paul Beschorner Wegner).  All pictures of the both of them are signed "from your grandmother and grandfather" in Polish.  So his first name is a mystery to me.  Do you know how I can find out the first name of "Wegner".  I have tried German websites and no luck (he is no longer living), and nothing shows up for my grandmother.  Maybe "Wegner" is my father's actual dad, but relatives are not talking.  Also, now that I know how my father was conceived, I have a family out there (probably in Germany).  How can I go about searching for them? Any help would be appreciated!

Hi Kris

what an interesting story, obviously you have tried Gen Dobry, however you might try another Jewish based site. As I said there was a big Jewish population in and around Łodz.

I had a quick look on the site and found some Wegner references around Kiel in Germany. The site is  There are also if you google Wegner and Łodz on Polish google still some people with that name living there.

A few long shots which work sometimes are search on Skype, Linkdin, Facebook and a few other social networking sites that are country or goal oriented.

Hope I have been of some help.

Best regards

Steve Morgan


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