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Poland/The reason why I asked you this question is because you are a British citizen?


The reason why I asked you this question is because you are a British citizen?

Why would a British mother make the American father of her daughter pay 18 years of court ordered child support, and not allow him to see his daughter until child custody ends at 18? This is because the United States has certain child support treaties with some European countries. The mother in Europe knows that it is very easy to get child support enforced from the United States, but knows that the courts in Europe will not enforce the American fathers visitation rights if he lives in the United States. The mother tells her daughter that she is not allowed to visit the United States until child custody under US law ends at age 18. She tells her daughter that she is afraid that if she were to visit the United States before her child custody under US law, the American father will get a courts order in the United States that give him legal custody of her under US law and will not allow her to take her back to UK before her 18 birthday.

Thank you for your question. Yes I am a British citizen living in Poland. I have had some personal experience with a former partner living in the UK and having a child with a non UK national. Cross border custody and visitation rights are very often non enforceable. Within the EU things have improved but due to the very different legal systems even within the EU it is a long drawn out procedure.

I would say that in the first instance if you wish to proceed further with any custody or maintenance proceedings you really do need some professional legal advice. If your partner was or is UK based it makes things much easier as there are lots of sources of free help.

The citizens advice bureau has lots of information on specialists who can help so try them first, also there is lots of help available for free via the Family Courts Service, I used them on my cross border divorce some years ago. I do have the name of a really good firm of lawyers who sorted my divorce some years ago but this was a property related matter.

If your partner is Polish or based there I would be very careful about hiring a local Polish lawyer. The chances of getting ripped off are near 100% . They are well down the food chain in the legal system and usually totally ineffective. The legal system here whilst not very corrupt works in a totally different manner and it is easy to get totally stuck in procedural matters and get nowhere for a very long time.

If you want give me some more details and maybe I can give some more specific guidance

Best regards

Steve Morgan  


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