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Maciej St. Zięba wrote at 2016-01-25 13:11:31
Dear Ellen,

The name "Opchitski" would be spelled "Opczycki" in Polish. Neither "Oszecki" nor "Osecki" sound much similar. The first one is pronounced [o-SHETS-key], the other [o-SETS-key], the 'o' of both being the 'aw' in 'law'.

With questions like that you are welcome at http://www.allexperts.com/ep/3388-54423/Polish-Language/Maciej-St-Zi-ba.htm  

Maciej St. Zięba wrote at 2016-01-25 13:17:26
As far as Kushnevich concerned, the Polish spelling is Kuszniewicz, and the pronunciation is [kush-NIEH-vitch]

with kush like in Hindukush, NIEH like in "niet!" ('ni' before a vowel like in 'onion' and 'eh' like 'e' in 'get')



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