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Polish Language/how to say grandfather and grandmother


Shrek wrote at 2008-12-14 10:51:41
Do not use "dziadzio" please......I can only picture a spoilt kid who sucks up to his or her "dziadzio" in order to get some pocket money :-) Dziadek is the best way to call your loved one.

Deb wrote at 2009-03-10 04:53:40
My Grandparents on my mothers side are both Polish. I have always called them Bachi and Jaju. I know it is not the correct spelling but it has been for the past 37 years!

MAciej St. Zieba wrote at 2010-01-21 23:29:55
Dear Shrek

It's a pity you have such bad associations, probably from your personal experience. Myself I am already a "dziadzio", and I know many "dziadzios" in a similar situation to mine, and I do not feel embarassed at all when my grandchildren call me this way. I have lived with my grandparents till I was 19, and my diadzio passed away when I was 18, and I have always called my grandfather "dziadziu" (in Vocative from "dziadzio"), and I would never say "dziadku" (in Vocative from "dziadek"). It probably wouldn't be felt really impolite, but I would not feel comfortable with it. And I never sucked up to him in order to get any money, in fact I had a pocket money from my scholarship and if I needed more I knew how to earn. And remember that I live in Poland where the language is alive and both forms are alive. Your attitude seems too "macho" - you insist on using the harsh forms instead of the emotional forms. I would recommend treating your recomendation with reserve - and using emotional form as long as one feels real emotional relationship with his or her "dziadzio".  

Bob.A wrote at 2012-02-06 09:41:24
I beg to differ.

"babcia" is not an endearment form made of "babka"

Babcia is the right and polite way to address your Grandmother.

Babka (Bubka) is more street talk and its meaning is more like

old woman.  Polish would never address their Grandmother that way.

At least not unless you wanted a good whack along-side your head.

<< The above is as explained to me by a native of Poland. >>

Walt wrote at 2015-12-21 22:47:54

The kind person in the previous post used "dziadek" which is what I addressed my Grandfather. Now, for grandma, we used BAH-Chee but don't know how it was spelled.

Good luck and Congrats!

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