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i have some political buttons from the antique era i need to find some references to where i can value them at.

Thank you for  your question. Valuing political campaign buttons can be difficult for several reasons. 1)because seemingly minor differences in a button can mean a huge difference in value. 2) condition can have a signficant effect on value and 3) scarcity is also a key factor.

Generally speaking, buttons issued pre-1950 have the greatest value. However, there are individaul buttons that were issued in limited quantities after 1950 that can sometimes command very good prices. For instance, many buttons issued durng the Kennedy campaign.

My suggestion would be to visit the website of the American Political Items Collectors (APIC). At that website you can find a directory or contact information for knowledeable dealers and collectors in your area.

If there is no one listed in your area, contact a member that purchases or does appraisals online and is a member of the APIC.

Alternately, if you have photos of buttons you would like to email me for review, I'd be happy to take a look and see if I can help you.

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