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QUESTION: I have a signed letter, addressed to me,from President Nixon, thanking me for my landscape architectural services on the Western White House in Southern California.  This document is on White House stationary,and is definitely not a form letter. The signature is authentic and in ink. This letter is framed and was displayed in my office until Watergate. It is dated July 20,1971.
The wording must be original and I have reason to believe that he typed it himself, since no initials of a typist appear at the bottom.
         Thank you for your attention,

Thank you for your question. I 'd be happy to help.

The key to the valuing of all presidential autographs is always tied to authentication. As you can imagine, 99.9+% of all presidential autographs were either signed by secretaries or auto-pen machines since without them there would be no time to run the country. However, there certainly are originals, and yours could certainly be one of them. At the same time, yours could certainly be signed in ink but could be signed by a secretary.

If you would like to email (or post) photos I would be happy to take a look.

As for value, the level of historical content in the letter also affects its value. For instance, a letter from Nixon discussing Watergate would have greater value than a letter of thanks (like yours)_Also, in general a letter on White House letterhead would have greater value than one on plain paper (which sounds like what you have).

If the item is authentic, then I would probably place the retail value in the $395 - $495 range unframed. Of course, there is no set price guide for autographs, so often there are autograph companies online that would set the value higher and hope that someone without knowledge of autograph pricing would  just happen to buy it.

I hope this information is helpful.

Lori Ferber
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QUESTION: Hello Ms. Farber:

Thank you for your service.  It is very helpful.
Question: Where, do you fee. I might be able to sell my letter?

         Sincerely, Jon Myhre

Hi Jon:
My suggestion would be to contact several dealers and compare their offering prices. If the signature has been authenticated from a reliable independent source then that will no doubt help get you the highest value. If you don't have someone to authenticate it in your neighborhood, one that we have used in the past and have been very happy with is Frank Garro. He is a forensic document examiner and can be reached thru his website at www.fpgaro.com

Another possiblity is to consider selling it yourself on ebay. You should receive more selling direct thru ebay than you would with a dealer, however you would have selling costs to consider on ebay and a lot of buyers will not buy autographs on ebay without authentication.

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