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hello. i would like to know the average salary of a polo player in your country. can you please let me know?


Salaries of polo players vary from one part of the country to another.  The deciding factors in the employment of a polo player are the player's handicap; number of horses he/she has; and the number of horses he/she has.

Lower goal players often double as grooms while trying to work their way into regular paying jobs.  Some succeed and others do not.

Not many polo players in the United States have regular salaries unless they also serve as club managers.  Most of the players hire out for specific tournaments or, if they're lucky, for a season (I.e., the winter season in Wellington; the summer season in New York or Santa Barbara, etc.).

Some professional players barely make enough to feed their horses while others make millions of dollars for playing in the high-goal polo in Florida.  But remember that when you hear of a ten-goal player making two or three million dollars for a two or three month season, that player is probably taking ten horses with him with a replacement value of two or three million dollars.

If you are a polo player you have heard the old adage that "the horse is 75% to 80% of the game", and the salaries or fees paid to players need to reflect their investment in proper horseflesh as well as their handicap.  


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