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3_2Tango wrote at 2013-03-02 14:53:59
Thank you for sharing first off.

It sounds like to me what my wife and I seem to be encountering everywhere; people who like the IDEA of Polyfidelity.

Then they get into the situation and find out wow this really is hard for me to swallow. Unfortunately working outside their own comfort zone is not something most people are willing to try.

And of course there is this: finding a third to complete a triad isn't something you go out and look for. It just happens. Like falling in love. Your first red flag would have been the words "Letting him..." that shows shes in control, and the other would be "picking out a car" this shows possession and ownership.

In triads there are many different types of dynamics as well. Equality all around, a primary (where two are more focused on one# etc..... It sounds to me like she wants to be the primary.

Just remember this: Jealousy is a natural feeling, it can be good or bad. It keeps us on our toes, and also hurts us. Key to any family relationship Poly or not is communication.

Sweetheart you are a Unicorn amongst horses. Finding a woman as open as you are is a rarity in this world #unless you live in San Francisco of course lol). Work at it

Best of luck,

and hey if it never works out its better to have tried.  


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