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I have been interested in being in a polyamorous relationship. I have been in my relationship with my girlfriend for 7 months. I recently just start seeing a guy and I am not sure how she feels about it completely. What is the best way to start a poly relationship in a middle of a monogamous relationship?

It is not impossible to change an ongoing relationship from monogamous to part of a polyamorous relationship. Not impossible, but pretty near that for most people. The skills required to do that psychological Jiu-Jitsu are beyond the usual. So, I could give you some pointers and advice here but I think that would be probably unrealistic. The reality is that your monogamous relationship will probably end. Sorry for the bad news.

What I can suggest is that you start reading about polyamory in general, learn as much as you can about your own desires and expectations, and you will be in a better position for the future. The most important is that when you get into any relationship you will be upfront about your choice of polyamory from the start. And you will have some awesome, lasting relationships then. That is the good news.


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I have been in polyamorous relationships for several years.

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I don't have formal education in the area, but plenty of practical experience and I have been invited to talk about it at seminars and social meetings about alternative lifestyles.

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