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Nancy wrote at 2008-06-01 01:07:28
We recently had the same problem, first lost 4 koi, then 2 and now with the net over another 3. All gone and the last koi to disappear was about 22 inches. There was a slight gap in one area of the net and it was not tight. We suspect an otter. We have a large pond not to far from our house and a park down the road where otter have been spotted. Other then that, I would have to say a python..We live in florida and have heard of them spreading. We are going to try the video camera at night with some gold fish. It has been a real mystery to us and I want it solved.

Marc wrote at 2008-10-20 19:35:01
Robyn, I just lost over half of the fish in my pond to a fisher. I have caught him twice, when he seems me coming it runs.   I have the pond netted and secured, it makes no difference.  They are destructive, determined animals.  I even tried setting a have-a-heart trap with a piece of fresh talapia; the fisher ignores the trap and keeps going for the pond.  According to Google, fishers do not feed on fish that often - I beg to differ.  I can tell you this, they are creatures of habit.  This ones comes back at the same time daily.  Besides the fish, you also must be concerned about domestic animals.  I just read that fishers can also kill and eat porcupines!

Derek wrote at 2013-03-27 15:24:12
We live in Oakville Ontario just west of Toronto and just lost about 50 pond fish,4 to 8 inches size, to two Fisher cats overnight. The pond ice just melted last week and we saw them mid-day circling our pond which is about 4 feet deep. By next day, the fish were gone.  The fish are coming out of hibernation so may have been slow to escape. This is the second time. I would not raise expensive Koi but instead use Comets or Shibunkins.

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