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trying to start a koi pond at the bottom of an outside fountain. Fountain is 8ft wide about 10" deep and 7ft tall with 3 ters. is this a good idea for a koi pond. South Carolina weather right now is 60-65 highs and 55-50 lows. Fountain is in sun. thinking about maybe 4 koi. Right now we only have the one pump that we bought with the fountain. Help!!!!!

Dear Latonya,

Thank you for your question.
Before starting the pond the best way to go is to take in to the drawing board.
If I can make a suggestion, make the drawing and also plan on where to put a filter.
Think about the filter and if you choose to make a plantfilter only or also (advised) a mechanical and biological filter combined with a plant filter.
Depth for the pond is best minimal 1.5 meters and a koipond should best contain at least 10000 liters or more.
For approximate each 1000 to 2000 liters you can add 1 koi.
A fountain is a nice addition but dos not do more then aerate the pond a little.
So good luck in drawing and creating a pond, if you like you can sent a drawing.

Happy pond keeping!
Kind regards,

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