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We have a small concrete pond.  It is an L shape with the long legs of the L being 4' and the short sides being 2' with a depth of 3'. Last year, we drained it, scrubbed it, painted it with pool paint and filled it.  We weekly poured bleach into it to help keep it clean.  There are no fish, and we don't want fish. I would prefer to fill it in, but because it is concrete, I don't believe that is possible. It is now spring, and it is once again nasty and black. The paint is coming off and the water is gross. We need to purchase a pump system, but have no idea what we need or where to start.  Can you please suggest a pump system or other alternatives for the pond? We would like to keep cost to a minimum. Thanks.

Any pond requires maintenance i.e.Filtration and disinfection. Pond is concrete and I assume it is not leaking. Option you can use a combo unit of filter and disinfectant submerged in water it would take care of the water. As far as pool paint is concerned it could be product failure or application which I would not be able to say off hand.

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