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Hi Raf. I have a very small pond with no fish. Also there are no plants. I just like the sound and look of the water..so i will have no fish. I have a small re-circulation pump for fountain. The water goes green fairly quickly so i guess i need a filter of some sort. Do i absolutely need a uv light? I do not understand that the pond is in direct sunlight which i am told is bad. But the sun has uv! Why shade a pond from sunlight...then add a uv light?!! Would a home made filter be ok for my small pond or do i need proper filtration with a uv light. Money and ease of maintenance are my priorities! Thankyou.

Dear Richard,

Thank you for your question.
Water contains ammonia (waste) that will change to nitrite and nitrate.
The process is handled by bacteria.
Nitrate is the source for algae to grow together with sunlight.
A good balanced pond is to have a filter.
However if you in your case have no fish nor plants i think a UV could be a expensive item.
I think if you go to pool shops or water treatment stores they must have products that you can add to the water to keep it clean.
Even products with copper in it can work.
Not the most environment ideal maybe, however when small and with no fish the risk is minimal.

Please keep me up to date if you like.

Happy pondkeeping!

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