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Hello,I have 3 goldfish and two bala sharks in my aquarium tank. My query is how do these aquarium fish live in the open wild without air pump. I am thinking of leaving them back to their natural habitat but they need pump in an aquarium , how do they survive in open waters. thanks

Hi Kelly,

I am maybe not the perfect person to answer this.
However as I guess it is the same as koi and pondfish.
In natural enviroments there are streams in the water.
These streams wil ensure oxigene in the water.
Depending on the type of fish they will look themselfs for the best locations to live.
There are fish needing less oxigene and other need a lot.
Therefore some fish you find in more large still waters and some in really streaming rivers.
So i guess if you find a place where they allready live, you should be fine.
Please however make sure then they are not sick if otherwise a entire population is at risk.

Hope this helps out and best of luck!

Kind regards,

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