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I'm in the beginning stages of "planning" a pond. I have already ordered a beautiful copper fountain for this pond & plans are to include plant life & fish (probably goldfish). An employee at a pond store told me that I can't install a copper fountain if fish will be in the pond...that the copper will kill the fish. Is this true??? I've been all over the internet frantically trying to find info on this but all I see is copper sulfate in ponds. I just want to know about a copper fountain in the pond. Please help.

Dear Melanie,

Thank you for your question.
Copper is indeed a possible fishkiller.
It's my knowledge that this all builds up in the liver and is not disposed by fish ald will kill them in time.
However, if for example the pond is verry large and the fountain copper part fairly small it will also reduce the risk.
Often seen is that hobbyists will try to reduce the coppersurfaces contacting the water.
For example if it was a copper tube, the will place a plastic tube in it to reduce the contact with the copper.

Hope it helps out.

Good luck and happy pondkeeping!

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