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I have a 33 acre pond with a leech problem. What is the best way to control/eliminate this problem. This is a private pond on a camp site for families and children. No motorized boats are allowed. Right know we don't recommend swimming because of the leeches. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Wayne,

Leeches are a verry big problem in ponds.
Due to the fact they are harsh to remove.
I have some chemicals that will / can remove them, however it is so expensive for large ponds and I cannot recommend them in this case.
As leeches are hard to kill, I can only adivice in this case to check with a vetrinarian to ensure the best product is selected for such a large pond and that is safe for swimming afterwards.
Not sure wich area or country your from?
US: I can advice koivet Doc Eric Johnson, Belgium Koivet Stijn Verbinnen, Maarten Lammens or greta van de sompel.

Good luck and please do not hessitate to contact me again!

Kind regards,

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