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Pontiac Repair/Starting problem


I have now received your answer to my questions.
I am not familiar with the term goodle search.
Can you clarify?
Regards again,
Henk Niekoop – Eindhoven – The Netherlands (Holland)

ANSWER: I'm sorry typo. Google search. It's a search engine on the net we use here in the US.
I did it and came up with this for you.

you can put in a search engine gm 2.8/3.1 V6 stalling or 2.8/3.1 V6 injetor testing.

and see what you come up with the but the link I have here has a chart for the resistance values of the injetor and when it was min. that is the least amount of restsance you want to see any less and that is a injetor that the coil is shorted out or the insulation in the injetor has broke down over time and skewed the resistance. This is the last thing I would check not the first. verify when it will not start what your missing and then go from there. eletronics and heat do not mix so the heat is the elemnet here that makes the problem happen so you need to duplicate it hot and see what happens......
Good luck. Hope that helps you out and again I'm sorry for the confusion.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear Todd,
In the First place, I want to thank you for your prompt reactions and all the information you already gave me.
I have some more questions, but before that I’d like to give you some information about the car.
I know where the ECM is situated, because I replaced it myself in 1992 after 26500 miles, by a new one.
After that I also replaced the MEM-CAL in 1995 at 37000 miles.
I removed the injectors in 2001 at 60000 miles; I had them cleaned by a professional and I put them back; they have operated flawlessly since then.
The first time I now started the car again after the problem happened, it started O.K. and also ran stationary, but  after a stop, it just cranked and did not start! So the problem is still there.
I never had such a problem before.
The ALDL again shows no trouble codes, just the 12.
My questions:
1.Can this, not starting, be caused by faulty injectors?
2.Is there a test for the injectors, which I can have done by a GM dealer?
3.Is there an additive which I can add to the fuel to clean the injectors?
4.You say in your reaction: “…that ecm was noted for engine stall…”.
 Was that the original ECM or would that also be true for the one I installed as a replacement in 1992?    
My car is a 1989 model year.
5.I have a spark checker from CHAMPION (pen shaped); if I touch the spark plug wire during cranking, should I get a reaction if the spark plug is working good?
So far my questions.
If you answer the questions, you can just refer to the number, where that’s O.K. with you.
I hope you have the patience to continue helping me.
Henk Niekoop – Eindhoven – The Netherlands (Holland)

1) Yes it can happen not likely.
2) I sent you the resitsance test in the one reply via my Google search you just need a digital volt ohm meter.
3) cleaning the injetors is not an option the issue is a resistance in the coil part of the injetor if the resistance is off the injetor needs to be replaced.
4) reman eletronics can fail just like the original ones do some times tthey are worse.
5) those testers are not all that actuare. you need one that looks like a spark plug with an alagator clamp on the side you attach the clamp to anything metal on the engine and crank the car you should see the spark jump across the gap on the tester.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Tks again for yr reply.
What astonishes me the most, is that once the engine starts, it runs flawlessly, so everything operates perfectly, even at idle.
Then I drive for a stretch, the engine is stopped and doesn’t start at all.
I wonder what happens that now the injectors or fuel or sparks don’t respond at all.
Question: Can it be that some module which is only used during the start-up, is temporarily out of order and needs to re-activate?
All other parts seem to work fine and can’t suddenly be out of order.
Henk Niekoop – Eindhoven – The Netherlands (Holland)

Yes exactly. in one of the other replies back to you I mentioned that heat is a huge factor wit eletronics. heat and eletronics do not play well together.  you need to catch it when it will not stat to see what your lacking. fuel,spark or injetor pulse. untill you know what is missing as to it not starting I can't tell you which way to go. I need to know more what's missing so I can tell you how to figure out why it's missing.
The difficult part about checking the injetors in that car is they are under the top intake manifold. that has to be taken off in order to check each injector it it comes down to that it the route to take looking for an issue so Youwould have to get the engine really hot let it sit for a short time try to start it and if it doesn't start and your missing injetor pulse you will have to take the top of the inatke off quick enough that the engine doesn't cool down and you then have restances that fall with in the correct range... I'm thinking injetors are at the bottom of the list of possable choices though.

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