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Pontiac Repair/Passenger side panel fuse box on a 1999 Pontiac Grand am


QUESTION: Someone took my car to fix the breaks and when he returned it, it wudnt start. Iv replaced the starter but now the car will start but it's a very ruff start and won't stay running - seems like it's not getting fuel somehow and the fuel pump is not the problem also I've noticed that all the export relays are missing from the panel fuse box on the passenger side and i know they were there before, also the passenger side door Panel was hanging open so my question is :cud the missing relays b why the car will start but not stay running or cud it b a missing connector somewhere?? This fellow turned out to b quite a shady character so I'm trying to figure out what he did to my car so i can drive it again - PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

ANSWER: Hi Jessica:

well without seeing it It's hard to say what is missing. but on the back side of the fuels panel there is a road map as to what the fuses are for and what the correct placement of them is.  The fuse/replay for the fuel pump is under the hood on that car there is another fuse box under the hood up by the fire wall. if this starts and stalls out and the security lmap is flashing the issue is with the factory security system. Very common issue on that car. if indeed it starts stalls and that lamp is either on or is flashing the fuel cut off is active for the security system. you can relearn the system. turn off all the power accy's in the car radio havc fan etc. start the car and let it die out. the security lamp will come on and either stay on steady or it will flash it depends on the year of the car as to what it does.  leave the key in the run position for 10 minutes that lamp will either go out after 10 minutes or stop flashing one of the other . turn the key off. wait 1 minute and then try to restart the car it should start and run then. good luck :-)

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QUESTION: Yeah, i know all about the security issue - i have spent literally days researching everything about this car and the security light does not stay on and does not flash, and yes - i understand that the panel had the map on it but there are 3 fuses /relays on that particular panel that say: Export* (see manual)  and I've read every single page and word on the manual and it says nothing about the exports.... What does that even mean?? Also, u say there's 2 fuse boxes under the hood?? I know about the one on the drivers side but wheres the one by the firewall supposed to be?? I've never even heard of a second one under the hood and its def not in the manual... And what fuses wud b in that fuse box?

ANSWER: no there is only 1 box under the hood but it has a fuel pump fuse and a relay all in the same box. as for the "export" don't worry about that those cars are exported to other contrys and in those country they have different lighting options. Again I can't see what you have going on there and I need as much info to help you. when you say it will not say it running what happens is it sound like it's running out of fuel or is it running rough like it's not running on all 4 or 6 cylinders. when it does start up and run is the service engine soon light on or is it flashing? any other warning lights on. I'm trying to help you out the more info you give me the better I can try to help you. how do you know the fuel pump is not the issue? did you put a gauge on it to verify it has approx. 44 PSi of pressure? is this a 4 or 6 cylinder engine?

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QUESTION: It's a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT Coupe with A v6 engine and its real rough starting but the fuel pump engages and it cranks, when starting it seems as though everything shakes ALOT and it might stay running for a min but it spits n sputters like it wants to die and then it does die and when i push on the gas it seems like it dies quicker - i feel like if the fuel was getting to it it stud fire right up but it feels like it's blocked somehow.   And yes i put a gage on it and it read 40 but i read on another article that anything less than 41 and the problem is prob a clogged fuel filter but then i was also told that even with a clogged fuel filter the car wud still start and run so I'm really confused.   And there is no warning lights except the oil light but i believe there is oil in it unless it's been drained out :-\ and the fuel tank says that i have 1/4 tank of gas but now I'm wondering if that's accurate, also i had an issue with not being able to start the car with the key from months back cuz it wud grind the starter and even with the auto start the starter wud getting but then it wud start - hence needing the new starter... Idk if any of that helps, let me know if u need any more info - thank you!!! :-)

ok it sounds like you covered the basics. and it's something more complex. with out the aid of a scan tool a true scanner not a code reader you about as far as you can go on your own. there may be an issue with one of the engine sensors? map,tp.maf with out being able to what those sensors are reading its impossable for me to tell you what the issue is. sounds like the engine computer is running the car to lean. the 41 PSi is on the cusp of ok. But it should still run decent not rough. one last thing you can check is to make sure all 6 cylinders have spark the rough running could be due to a dead cylinder or 4. you need a spark checker tool and check for spark on all 6 cylinders I doubt that is it if it had a dead cylinder or 2 the service engine soon lamp would be on and or flashing.

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