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Hey Todd,
I'm thinking of replacing the rack in my 2001 G-A with the 3.4 V6.  There is little room on the back-side of the engine to do much of anything.  The W-body cars have removable engine mounts that allow the engine to pivot towards the front and yields 3 to 4 inches of extra clearance for service.  The Grand-Am doesn't have this arrangement.  What do the guys in the shop do to access the rack and/or other components on the back-side of the engine.  Christ, even changing the belt is a chore because of the motor mount passing through the center of the belt.

Hi Colin:

Servicing a rack in the N body car is the same way but your right not much movement with the engine cradle. the trick is to loosen the 2 front engine cradle bolts to allow it to drop down just enough to sneak out the rack the rear transmission mount is a issue too trying to get the rack past that but it can be done with out removing that mound loosening the 2 front bolts allows it to drop just enough to get the rack out. Just as an FYI what ever you choose for a replacement part stay away from any one with a Cardone name on they are by far the worst rebuild parts you will every buy. so I would look at either NAPA or CARQUEST if there is one by where you live. Better choice By far aside from getting an AC Delco part. Good luck :-)  

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