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Poodles/10 year old mini poodle with many moles


I am worried about my poodle. She has many crusty bumps the vet said are moles. He said they are very common in Poodles. I am having a hard time grooming her without hurting her. Her coat is very dull and dry looking. I feed her a half mix of 5 top quality dry foods, together with half Freshpet select beef or Chicken. Can you suggest anything that might help her coat, as well as how I can handle brushing her without scraping those moles?

Hi Priscilla,  I would love to help you and your Poodle.

For the Moles, let's get some Natural Colloidal Silver on the areas.  It's not a drug and can be used on pets, people and even babies.  You can use this daily for at least 30 days or more.
It's great to have around the house for cuts and scrapes, too.
This is what you need to look for:
Silver Shield Gel - Call around to your local Health / vitamin Stores
or order here:

Next -
NuVET skin and Coat supplement  ( Wafer or Powder)

This Testimonial is about a Poodle's hair loss and poor skin:

It's worth the read-

NuVet PlusŪ Testimonials

Poodle's Hair Loss Reversed!
My poodle, Coco, has been my best friend for the last nine years.   There is nothing I would not do for her and she is the most loyal companion anyone could have in their life.   About a year ago, Coco began losing hair in certain areas of her body; particularly in her back region.   Naturally, she and I visited the vet where we were given some kind of liquid ointment to rub on daily, along with some prescription pills.

Unfortunately, it did not work and I actually believe it created another problem on Coco's skin: warts!   That's right, little bumps started popping up all over her body and when I brought her back to the vet clinic, the same doctor said the bumps were a natural occurrence with dogs her age and there was nothing he could recommend.

About a week later I was at the groomers and began discussing Coco's condition with the owner, Beth.   She suggested that as a last resort I try a bottle of NuVet Plus.   Right away I was impressed simply because Coco ate it.   Let's just say, she's a tad finicky.   But the true miracle of NuVet Plus showed its magic within three weeks when I noticed some of her hair coming back.   And within a month and a half, she was my beautiful Coco again.   Even her warts vanished.

Thank you NuVet Labs, I can't say enough great things about your product.  You really are my "Dog's Best Friend".

To order NuVET and get the 60 Day Money back guarantee, go here:
This product is sold thru Holisitc Vets and the manufacturer.
Not available in stores
20.00; 39.00 and 55.00
You should see results in less than 30 days.   This is a long term daily supplement.
It will help your poodle in many areas... ( Not just the skin and coat, Many benefits)
Tell them you are working with Pet Nurse Marie of the Cozy Pet Ranch.
NuVET's Phone is 1-800-474-7044   ( order code 81098)
AUTO ship gives you a 15% OFF Discount

Write down my phone number if you need me:

Marie Peppers  1-803-424-2312
Also, write down my e-mail ( provide me with an update in about 30 days )


My PET Health Blog

also, check out my personal Blog:

Sounds like you are using a good food - Just add the Colloidal Silver gel and the NuVET to your Poodle's Program.

BEST wishes!

Marie Peppers LPN MA


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