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Poodles/Advice needed please


Dear Kim. Hope you remember me? Schalk from South Africa with the toy poodles. We are all well. Good news our one girl had five pupies last week Tuesday and all is well.  I am sending you this mail on behalf of a very good friend. If it wasn't for her l would not be able to breed. My friend is 86 years old and hasbeen brreding 40 + years toy poodles. For the past two years she has problems with her puppies and lost 7 this year. In South Africa there was mainly two breeders whom imported poodles in the 1980`s and my friend was one. One specific male was imported from Australia. Recently pups are born but on day 2 they fall back and does not want to nurse. On day 3 or 4 they die. My friend knew a vet that saved the pups but he relocated. He said that the pups had a week immune? He did something what they call Spinning blood and after a certain shot the pups were fine. Have you heardvof this before? do you know of anything she can give the bitch before mating to increase immune? I really hope you can help Kim! The puppies are my friend's only income and now they suffer financially. I will appreciate it if you can please help. Looking forward to read from you. Kind regards. Schalk.

Hello Schalk,
Good to hear that you are doing well.  We are coming into the Holiday season and I hope you and yours have Happy Holidays.

Sorry to hear that about the puppies belonging to your friend.  My suggestions would be to see if the current Vet in town can get the shots that the other Vet had.  Also, Probiotics would help by boosting the immune properties of the female.  Tell your friend to see if she can find some Probiotics for her female.  She should also look for a Baby Bottle feeding Kit and some Puppy Formula to use if the puppies stop nursing.  She should also find out how to Tube Feed the puppies so that if she can't get them to nurse, she can at least tube feed them to keep them alive.  

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Please go to and navigate the site using the menu items at the top of the bar. You can see products, ingredients, and even testimonials about how this wonderful product has helped others Beloved Pets. When ordering, please call  800-474-7044  to speak to a representative and use theID Code: 53330 *NuVet Plus Pet Tabs also come in a bottle of 30 for around $25 that isn't mentioned on the site.

If you have any questions please contact me at

Thanks again for your questions and I hope that you all have a Wonderful ThanksGiving.  
God Bless,


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