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I have previously asked you questions relating to my toy poodles Tequilla and Midori . Just two days ago for the first time I saw my female Midori bleed . She is 10months old. I was  not home and the pair were uunsupervised and when I got home in the evening they were hooked to each other as they had mated. Does this mean she is pregnant ? And since this is her first heat if by chance she gets pregnant then will it be impossible for her to give berth ? Or will it be ok? I have separated the to but my male tequilla is always weeping and wants to be with Midori . How long do separate them? He is also not eating as normal now?  They can see each other but are separated via a fence in there playpen , is this ok?

Please help and advise . Thankyou.

ANSWER: Hello K,
It sounds to me like your Tequilla has indeed bred Midori if they were tied when you found them.  Its not the best age to be bred, but she will be about 1 yr old when she delivers so it should be ok.  You didn't say how old Tequilla is now, but he is probably old enough to have active sperm, so she can get pregnant this first heat.  
Now the fact that you just saw blood 2 days ago may mean that she was in the beginning stages of her heat cycle and its possible that she didn't get pregnant from this breeding.  Females tend to be most responsive 9-11 days after you first see blood.  

KEEP YOUR MALE AWAY FROM HER!!  He doesn't necessairly want to be her, his instints are taking over and he just wants to breed her.  When he smells that she is in heat, his hormones tell him that he needs to breed her and its all he can think about.  He may stop eating, won't want to play or be walked and won't even take time to go out to potty.  All he wants to do is breed with Midori.  
Keep them separated, her in the pen, him outside, him in the pen, her out to potty.  Don't risk another breeding.  You will need to keep them seperated until she is totally out of heat.  This can last about 2 weeks at least.  Like I said above, 9-11 days after you see Blood, she will be in Standing Heat, which means she is most likely to become pregnant.  She will be in Breeding Heat for about 1 1/2 weeks, and then she will be ok to be with him again.  If you put them together and he tries to mount her, separate them again.  She will let you know because she will start to snap and bite him when he mounts her.  

You will be able to tell if she is pregnant in about 45 days.  You will see her belly start to get big and her nipples will get hard.  You can also have a Vet do an ultrasound at 45 days.  

If you suspect that she is pregnant, write me back and I will help you with birthing prepairdness.  

Hope this helps you some.  If you have other questions for me, please feel free to ask me.  

Thanks for using,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thanks for that advice.
Tequilla is 1year 1month now. He is still crying and only wants to ne with Midori. Do think I should drop him off to my inlaws house. Till Midori finishes her heat? Will this be a good option ? Or will it affect both the dogs?

I will wait to see if she is pregnant , just incase Midori is pregnant will she not survive the delivery or what are the consequences ?


Hello again,
If you could drop him off at their house, this would be a great option.  He will settle down some by not having her around all the time where he can't get to her.  He will probably miss her for a couple of days, but once he settles down he will start eating again and all will be good.  

If she Is pregnant she will deliver just like a normal dog would.  It may stress her body out a little more than if she was more mature, but she will surive and will probably make a wonderful mom.  Its just best to wait until a dogs body is more mature when breeding because this gives the body and the dog time to grow up some.  It would be like a 15 yr old girl becoming pregnant.  They can do it and its fine, but you would really like them to wait until they are older.  

Like I said, if you find out that She IS pregnant, let me know and I will send you some information to help you help her when the time comes.  It would be best, since she is so young that you are with her, to help her out.  
She may not even be pregnant though if you only found them the 1 time and she is only a few days into you seeing blood.  

I will keep my fingers crossed for you, but again, please feel free to ask me anything else.  I am Glad that I can be of some help.

Thanks for using,


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