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Poodles/standard 15 yr old poodle dry scabbie skin benedryl didn,t work


do you have any ideas for dry skin 15  yr old standard poodle and can,t stop licking and scratching

Hello Andrea,
If it isn't allergies and benedrly isn't working, you can first try Zyrtec to see if it helps any better. (one tablet a night would do for your pup) You will need to try it for about 2 weeks, so the allergy medicine can get into the dogs system.  If it also doesn't do anything to help the itching and licking, then look at your dogs belly.  Is there black dots there?  If there are a bunch of little black dots around the belly area, then your dog probably has an internal Yeast infection called Systemic Yeast.  What happens with a Systemic Yeast infection is that the body has an over production of Yeast and the body is trying to get rid of the extra yeast.  Dogs bodies have yeast in it that helps with the breakdown of starchy foods that they eat.  This is normal.  However, when the dog expirences some kind of illness or even something like allergies, the yeast builds up and then the body has to try and fight off the extra yeast cells that have developed.  The black stuff on the dogs belly is those dead yeast cells that the body has fought off and is now being filtered through the skin and will sluff off as the dog looses dead skin cells.  The problem with them is that they cause the dog to itch and chew at themselves.  
The way to help with systemic yeast is to deny the yeast the food it eats.  Yeast breaks down or eats starchy foods.  Remove those foods and you slow the growth of the yeast.  Starchy foods are Potatos, Sweet Potatos and Corn.  By buying a food that doesn't have any of these ingredients in it, you are keeping those foods away from the yeast and it will start to die off.  This will take awhile though, so you have to feed your dog the special food for at least 2 months.  You should also get a special skin shampoo from your Vet to help with the itching and that helps remove the skin cells quicker.  
Read this article and it will help answer all your questions about Systemic Yeast and Yeast Infections.

I hope this helps you some.  If you have other questions about this for me or other Poodle questions in general, please feel free to ask me.

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