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Poodles/Tiny Toy Poodle Vomits After Eating


I have a 4 yr old tiny toy (4 lb) poodle who has had a sensitive stomach since we adopted her at age 6 wks. She has always vomited more than other dogs we've had, but recently has begun vomiting after almost every meal - breakfast & supper. I have switched to the better grades of dog food and she either refuses to eat it or if so, she vomits it back up soon after eating. About the only thing she keeps down is people food = boiled chicken and rice.  She is so hungry that she gulps her food and does not chew enough - so that may be part of the problem. What can I do?

Ok, I  would start feeding your dog out of your hand. Don't give her too much food at once, so make sure its little by little. You can go to target, or petsmart and buy the bowls that allow the dog to eat slower. I really think its just that your dog is eating too fast, as this could cause vomiting. Hope this helps! -Alexa


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