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Hi there,

I have had my toy poodle chief from the age of 3 months he is now 8 months old. He seems to have grasped going to pee outside but often he will come back into the house and poop. When he does this he hides or runs away from me as he knows he has done wrong. I Discipline him everytime but he still does it again. He is testing me? I am at my wits end!


Hello Johanna,
I have a fella like that also who prefers to do his poo business inside rather than out.  He isn't a Poodle, but rather a Chinese Crested (Terrier) and though he is a great dog, he is very set in his ways.  
With your dog, this problem should be easier to correct.  When you let him out to potty, watch him so that you see him pee, then let him come inside for about 5 min, then have him go back outside and watch that he poops.  I know that for me (sorry about sharing my "business" habits...but) in the mornings as soon as I get out of bed I have to tinkle, so I do that and then maybe 15-20 min later I am ready to do the other business.  It seems to be the same process with dogs.  They really have to pee first thing out, but don't need to poo right away at the same time.  If you bring your dog back inside for about 5 min (and if you don't trust him to be loose, put him in his kennel) then put him back outside, it tends to reboot his potty system and he will go do his poopie business.  

As for correcting him, you can directly get on to him if you catch him in the act, however if you just find the pile of poo you are suppose to get on to the mess, but not the dog.  Tell that potty that Its bad, Tell it NO POTTY INSIDE, and make a big fuss over the potty.  The dog will see you getting mad at what he did and won't want to do that again.  

If you catch him in the act, you can turn him over on his back and make him submit to you.  Tell him NO in a loud deep voice, like you are growling at him, and make him stay on his back until he relaxes.  This is correcting him in his own language so to speak, and its something he will understand better than you spanking him or correcting him in "human" language.  Put him outside again after you let him up, and if he goes ahead and finishes his poo business, praise him.  

Give this a try and if you have other questions or comments about this, please feel free to ask me.  

Thanks for using,


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