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Poodles/Undescended Testicle


Sould I have a ultrasound done before my 8 mth. old toy poodle
is neutered. One Vet. says yes and the other Vet feels
like he does not need the ultrasound? The ultrsound is a additional $250.00 but I do not want to put my little guy thru
two surgeries.  Is a ultrasound routinely done with Cryptorchid
and wwhat can I expect during his recovery time?

Hello Nancy,
Dogs can have more than one surgery and recover quickly. Though since your dog is smaller, I would only get one suregery done and wait a month or two, and then do the next one. It is very normal for any dog to be neutered, though if you choose not to get this done, be sure you are aware of the outcome. If you have any other questions please be sure to ask me! As it is not a bother!


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