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Poodles/Year Old Standard - Color Change?


Emma at SPCA
Emma at SPCA  
I'm adopting a well-cared for 1-yr old smaller standard. From afar, she is black, with a grayish muzzle, white strip on the back of each ear, and a a white chest spot. Looking closer on her body hair, it is black on the tips, fading to medium brown, and then a fuzzy gray/silver(?) undercoat. If I shave her body, it looks like she'll be grayish.  My questions are 1) Is she in the midst of changing to another color, or might she stay the way she is? 2)What do you think she will change to (silver or blue or other), 3) By when is a standard's color change complete? and 4) is Silver a nicer way of saying Gray? Thank you!

Two Tone Riot @ 4 months
Two Tone Riot @ 4 mont  

My MU Riot 5 yrs old
My MU Riot 5 yrs old  
Hello Brenda,
From the picture she looks like a possible Blue or Silver to me.  Most Silvers will turn wholly Silver around 6-9 months of age.  She has brownish tips on her hair and this can indicate a Blue dog.  Blue Poodles never really turn Silver, but aren't considered a Black either.  They are kind of in-between color.  I have a Blue.  When he was 4 months old he was dark colored with a Brown highlight down the back half of his body.  He eventually turned Blue around 9 months of age, but has gotten even lighter as he ages.  

To answer your questions:
1)& 2): I think she will probably either turn Blue or Silver.  She may not loose the White spots, though she may get light enough that they blend in with her new color.  When you shave her, she will look lighter and as she grows out, she will look darker.  

3): A Fading color never really stops fading.  As the dog ages the color just keeps fading.  It may slow considerably, but it doesn't stop.  It looks like she is fading slowly anyway.  

4): Actually, Silver is a color, Gray is what a dog turns as they age, like people.  Any color can go Gray.  When a dog Fades, Genetics tell the color to lighten.  All colors other than Black will eventually fade, due to the White in the color.  When a dog Grays, the Pigment is slowly reduced over time causing Graying.  

When you get your dog, send me some more pictures of her.  If you get her face, feet and tail shaved, take a pic of those.  These parts are where the dog tends to fade first.  
I'll have a better idea of what she will turn when I can see her closer up.  

I hope this helps you some.  If you have other questions for me, please feel free to ask me.

Thanks for using,


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