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Poodles/dog nighttime anxiety


I have a 14 year old Jack Russell. He has started having issues in the evening about going outside to do his last potty visit. He goes to the door and after letting him out he quickly returns without leaving the deck. A few minutes later he does it all over again. When he finally does leave the deck and goes around the yard he is fine and ready for bed. We may do the open door go out come back in 25 times. He looks very anxious. What can I do to help him? He does have storm anxiety really bad but this happens on normal evenings.

This actually is normal for dogs to do this at that age. As they are getting older, but however this does not mean its a good thing. I would say go and take your dog out on a long walk. Im pretty sure you already do this, but I would add a extra long walk every day. Doing this will let your dog know that he is in no rush. Considering you would be with your dog, he might find going potty is a fun way. Any other questions, please feel free to let me know! As i love to asnswer any question!


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